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Our History

In the early nineteenth century a traditional Italian family of immigrants arrived in Buenos Aires, their trunks filled with memories of their homeland, a few things and lots of dreams. They established near the port, in Barracas, a traditional working class neighbourhood full of factories. There, right in its heart, they built a large general store at the intersection of five corners, opposite the old railway station, which in time became one of the most successful businesses. It was called “Brenta & Roncoroni’s General Store”. The traditional architecture chosen by one of the founders shows vaulted ceilings, iron columns, cobbled stones with red “quebracho” wood, three levels and details which reveal its solid structure.

Respectful of the founders’ vision, probably inspired by the place and interpreting their dreams, Fernando Soler has recycled this place entirely, keeping its structure untouched. When you get in you can witness the elegance and good taste, which result from the finest decoration, recreating the essence of the scenery where “tango” reached its maximum splendour.


Today, the old store is a magnificent theatre which many people call “ Tango’s Cathedral”. Right there is located Señor Tango, the greatest entertainment place in Buenos Aires, where tango is the main character. Señor Tango has a 500 m2 art gallery where valuable sculptures and paintings of the best-known Argentine artists are exhibited.

Visitors can thus enjoy our culture by looking at the different artistic expressions that preserve our national identity. Verify that the spirit of tango lives in each corner of this house, and as the historian of Barracas, Enrique Horacio Puccia once said ‘Barracas was the suburb which put Buenos Aires a “bandoneon” on its lap for the first time’. Find out those men’s dreams trapped in time.

You are invited to visit this place with us.

Lo datos


Founder, Director y Singer

FERNANDO SOLER, the Mister Tango,  is not an amateur in this genre, which cradled him. He devoted every effort to this goal for many years, facing lots of problems. Despite all this he could raise “ The Flag of Tango” and bear it as an Argentine ambassador throughout the world, honoring our music with the perfect touches of light and sound as well as detailed settings, being, in consequence, true to his beliefs.

From early childhood he bet on tango at a time when it seemed Utopian. After many years of hard work, perseverance has placed him among the most prestigious artists in our country

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